Wii Party

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Wii Party - Board Game Island

We play the Board Game Island mode from Wii Party for the Nintendo Wii with two players and two master computer players. This is the Board Game Island mode of Wii Party. Your goal is to reach...

Wii Party - All Mini-Games

Wii Party - All Mini-Games These are all the Mini-Games from Wii Party. Enjoy watching and subscribe! The blue Mii is Maurits. The red Mii is Rik. The green Mii is Myrte. The yellow Mii is Sylvan.

Wii Party - Episode 01

Hey guys, and welcome to our next let's play, Wii Party! This Let's Play will last all week and will be finished in time for the release of the Wii U! We plan on doing New Super Mario Bros....


Wii Party

Mario Party 9

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  • Interactive game boards that utilize player's Miis to roll dice and move across the board
  • Over family friendly 70 mini-games in all
  • 13 different party game modes take the fun out of the TV and into the living room
  • Games utilize the Wii Remote to force players to interact with one another in the real world in...
  • Players ride across stages together in special vehicles. Players take turns as Captain of the...
  • From Toad Road to Boo's Horror Castle, players will encounter a wide variety of familiar Mario...
  • In Mario Party 9, each themed stage has a clear destination point but with multiple paths along...
  • Each stage culminates in a Boss Battle. Collectively, players must combine their strength to...
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