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Scrotum Egg Shells with Spikes

Scrotum Egg Shells with Spikes

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Test your masochistic edges with these scrotum CBT egg shells with spikes! The eggs are made entirely of stainless steel so they are durable, long-lasting and easy to sanitize. The metal is also sensitive to temperature so you can heat or cool them for extra sensation! Each egg fits around the testicles and there is a spacer of 0.36 inch width where the scrotal sac goes. The testicles go inside the eggs and then the device closes around the testes using a hinged pin. To lock the testes in place, close the hinge and begin tightening the nut down on the screw. This should reveal a small hole in the pin where you can place one of the two included locks on the pin and lock the egg into place. To add pressure and pain, tighten any of the screws that surround the eggs. To add an even more sadistic twist, add a weight to the small, metal bar that connects the two eggs; attach the weight to the small O-ring at the center of the bar. After use, wash with warm water and soap and spray with a toy cleaner. For serious sanitation, these items can be placed in a dishwasher or soaked in a cleaning solution.

Ready to take your devious desires to the next level? As a willing masochist, you can enroll your loving Sadist into kinky play with these stainless steel CBT eggs! The heavy eggs can be made even heavier with the use of a weighted ball. Add pressure and pain to each testicle by slowly tightening the screws. See how it feels to be aroused and on the edge of pain. How far can you go before you reach your edge? Only you and your Partner will ever know…

Measurements: Egg width: 1.65 inches, length: 2.4 inches, Pin Spikes max length: 0.8 inches, Spacer for scrotum: 0.36 inches.

Materials: Stainless steel

Color: Metal

Note: This device is intended for experienced users only. Please use with caution.

Key Features:

  • Intense Testicle Cages: These metal eggs have several screws that can be turned using the allen wrenches provided to tighten and increase the pressure on the testicles. After the metal egg closes, tighten each one individually so they can have equal pressure against the testicles.
  • Bondage Bar: The metal bar keeps the eggs together so you can pull at it and pull at the scrotum and testicles evenly. Add a weight to the center O-ring to add a ball-stretching pull to the testicles, as well!
  • Lock and Key: The metal eggs have a swivel closure. Close the egg around the scrotum and testicles, fold the hinged screw between the two curved bars, then screw it tight. This will reveal a small hole in the pin where you can place a lock. Use the lock and key to lock the eggs into place!
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