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Bedroom Bliss Signature Collection

Love Cushion Set

Love Cushion Set

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Hitting that sweet spot has never been easier with high density, velvety wedges that you can position for your pleasure! What seems like two simple wedges create countless possibilities only limited by your creativity. Use these to elevate the hips, cushion knees and elbows, lean back on and enhance sex in new ways! What seemed difficult or uncomfortable before can now be easy and orgasmic. Their soft outer cover lets your body slide against it smoothly into each pose and the water-resistant inner cover protects the foam from moisture and spills. The sides of each pillow also have a pocket that you can tuck small toys in for easy access! After playing, simply strip off the velvety outer cover and the water-resistant inner cover and machine wash them!

Try out positions until you find the perfect one! These comfortable pillows are versatile and designed to be used in creative and playful ways. You can place the large pillow flat against a bed, couch or the floor. Choose somewhere that is comfortable for you and your partner to play on but that needs more cushion. Lay back against the tilted large wedge and place the small wedge beneath your head for more neck support. You can look your lover in the eyes as you enjoy being face-to-face. Bring the small wedge beneath your hips with the pointed end under your pelvis to support your hips. This can help level the pillows to a more horizontal position. Face down on the large wedge and use the small wedge beneath your hips so your booty is up and your knees are supported for a version of Doggy style pose. You can also drape your body over the large wedge for a different angle and use the small wedge to support your chest or head as you bend forward.

Measurements: Small cushion: 13.75 inches Length x 19 inches Width x 6.5 inches Height Large cushion: 29.5 inches Length x 19 inches Width x 10 inches Height

Materials: Velvet, PU foam, nylon, resin (zipper)

Color: Red

Key Features:

  • High Density Foam: This foam keeps its shape and supports your body weight without letting you sink through the pillow.
  • Ergonomic Design: Designed to support countless positions so you can get the most out of your sensual play!
  • Dual Layer Covers: The outer cover is soft against the skin and the inner cover is water-resistant so the foam stays mildew and moisture-free.
  • Machine Washable: Easily wash your pillows after play by machine washing them after each use.

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