Antec X-1 Cooler for Xbox One

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Antec X-1 Cooler for Xbox One

SUNKY Xbox One Cooling Fan, Professional Manual-sensing External USB Cooler with 2 Ports USB Hub for Microsoft Xbox...

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  • Keeps Xbox One running up to 30% cooler
  • Rubberized, Non-Skid Platform for charging your remotes and more
  • Dual temperature displays the temperature of your room and the Xbox One
  • Automatic On and Off, starting at 86 Degree
  • Accelerate the XBOX ONE host internal air circulation
  • Decrease the temperature of the host, easy to use (the XBOX ONE host depend on code key in the...
  • The fan on the two switches, H for high speed, L said low rotation speed, turn OFF the fan OFF
  • Accelerating the XBOX air circulation, ONE of the host also brought two USB extension, completely...
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